Jimmy Patrick Roche
a great singer-songwriter with a lifetime at the heart of music


Jimmy performs with the Bose L1 II PA System.

This powerful but compact system employs the newest digital technology and is especially designed to provide the clearest possible professional sound-quality.

Easy on the audiencés ears, it is perfectly suited for small to medium size rooms, and can easily be expanded for larger halls.

Jimmýs sound has to be heard to be believed. Combined with his soulful vocals and guitar playing, any room is instantly transformed into a concert hall.

Supported by his own self-mastered backing-tracks his full sound offers the perfect alternative to expensive Combos at a fraction of the cost and space requirements.


2 Responses to “Equipment”

  1. Hello!
    Back in Sweden and strong winter. Lots of snow, you won´t believe it if you don´t see it. Listening to Muddy Waters and Willie Dixon Spotify. Keep up the good music in Ao Nang. See you next year. Just waiting to go to New Orleans. Allman Bros. waiting for me after 40 years. It´s not my cross to bear. Charles.

  2. Hey Jimmy… I’m the guy who sat in with you last Feb from Nashville, TN, and went, with my two sons, to your birthday party. Finally found you on the net. I’ll be in the area from October and would love to see you. Give me a holler.

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