Jimmy Patrick Roche
a great singer-songwriter with a lifetime at the heart of music


Born in Flushing New York, Jimmy has been a working musician since he was a kid and arrived in Europe in the early ’70s, already an accomplished singer-songwriter. There he quickly established himself and won recognition writing award-winning songs for Roger Whittaker and other stars. He has worked with Melanie, Donavon and the Fifth Dimension among many others and is a multi-instrumentalist as well as a talented arranger, producer and studio engineer. Seven CDs into his career he has recently relocated to SE Asia with his new double CD “Eastbound Tracks” in hand and is already starring in concerts of his songs in Bangkok.

You can reach Jimmy on themostlymusicagency@gmail.com


9 Responses to “Profile”

  1. Hi Jimmy!
    Ar you still playing in AoNang?
    We are not able to visit Krabi this year but maybe next year.
    We went to Australia and New Zealand last fall so we ar just doing a small trip to Lanzarote next week. Keep up your good work and play “hoochie koochie man” every night. It`s the greatest song ever written. Willie Dixon lives and so do we. Charlie and Rita from Sweden. We first met at Pavillion if you don´t remember.

  2. Hey, we were so happy to see you again in AoNang. 3 years since Pavillion and two years since Villa. Aonang Villa is the best hotel.

  3. tu eres mi dulce amor. saludos Denise

  4. Hello!
    We saw you at the beach bar in Ao Nang this evening and just wanted to say that you were fantastic. We genuinely only went into the bar because we heard you playing as we walked past.
    Very enjoyable. Thanks!

  5. hello jimmy,
    are you “the” jimmy patrick who played in munich with nick woodland as “rocko” ?

    • Sorry for late reply….I never check these things. My bad! Yes I’m Jimmy from the Rocko days. Live in Thailand now

  6. Jesus Christ
    You are still a live.

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